Institute for Supply Management - New Mexico

Jay Hughes Award


Jay Hughes was an NAPM-NM member from the mid 1960s to the late 1970s.  He worked for Sandia National Labs where he held many purchasing management positions over the years.  Jay was considered a leader and innovator, and one of the key individuals in building and maintaining the affiliate.

He was President of NAPA-NM in 1971-1972.  He held many offices in the affiliate and in District II, and was particularly interested in Professional Development.  As part of his interest in Professional Development, Jay taught many courses at the District II summer workshops and at one point was the District II Vice Chair of Professional Development.  He authored an article on the Profile of a Buyer.

He was the Program Chair for the 1978 Southwest Purchasing Conference.

In the late 1960s, Jay won the NAPA National Cost Saving Award for his solution for paint ordering at Sandia.  At Jay’s recommendation, Sandia put in paint color mixing equipment vs. ordering and stocking each unique color.

As part of his greater interest in the Purchasing field, Jay suggested to New Mexico Governor David Cargo that a task force be formed to review the New Mexico Purchasing System.  The suggestion was accepted and NAPA-NM formed a task force.  The task force provided the Governor a report with recommendations for improvements.  Jay was one of the key task force members.

Because of Jay Hughes’ contributions to NAPM-NM and to the greater Purchasing Profession, NAPM-NM named its annual outstanding contribution award in his name. 

JAY W, HUGHES AWARD - CRITERIA:   Demonstrated excellence and loyalty in the performance of their responsibilities as a member of NAPM-NM.


1.  Customer Service:  Outstanding efforts made to NAPM and it's members, above & beyond expectations.  Improved/strengthened relationships with board members, individual members, and other ISM affiliates.

2.  Leadership:  problem solving ability; proactive attention to issues and concerns related to the members.

3.  Teamwork:  Mentoring, active participation on teams.

Supporting Evidence:  (Why person should be considered for this award.) 

Notes:  The past year recipient shall select the current year's recipient, prepare the supporting evidence, and meet with a subcommittee of at least two other members of NAPM-NM to discuss the selection.  One of the two members must be a board member.  The Jay Hughes award may be awarded to the same person more than once, but not in consecutive years.    Anyone in the affiliate (a member) may be selected. 

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